31 jan 2019: Parker Solar Probe Begins Second Sun Orbit

On Jan. 19, 2019, just 161 days after its launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe completed its first orbit of the Sun, reaching the point in its orbit farthest from our star, called aphelion. The spacecraft has now begun the second of 24 planned orbits, on track for its second perihelion, or closest approach to the Sun, on April 4, 2019.

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29 jan 2019: ESA studies the effects of lunar gravity on astronauts

Europe is preparing to go forward to the Moon, but how will astronauts move once they get there? Despite the Apollo missions, little is known about what lunar gravity may mean for our bodies. ESA’s space medicine team is working to find out through a series of studies.

The level of gravity on the Moon is about one sixth of Earth’s so while Apollo astronauts did not float as astronauts do on the International Space Station, they tended to hop rather than walk.

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25-1-2019 Tenth successful rocket test flight for Blue Origin

The number of Blue Origin rocket flights went into double digits today as the company’s New Shepard booster completed its 10th suborbital mission (NS-10). The rocket lifted off under clear, cold skies from the Blue Origin Texas test site with a payload of eight scientific payloads in its capsule, which was lofted to an altitude of 107 km)during the 11-minute flight.

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Website: 50 jaar maanlanding

Met het nieuwe jaar in aantocht, begint ook bijna het jaar dat het 50 jaar geleden is dat de mens voor het eerst op de maan landde. Om hier in het komende jaar uitgebreid aandacht aan te besteden, is afgelopen maandag, 17 december, tijdens ons eindejaarsevenement in...

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NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed and first picture

NASA's InSight spacecraft has blazed through the Martian atmosphere and  set a lander gently on the surface of the Red Planet. InSight's entry, descent and landing (EDL) team, based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, along with another part...

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Anti spin suit for space tourist

23 november 2018: Designing the spin control system required Draper engineers to address the worst-case scenario—emergency situations encountered by astronauts and space tourists traveling in the high stratosphere, which is anywhere from 20 to 30 miles above the Earth. With no atmosphere at that altitude, a person in a flat spin would need a way to counter and slow their motion. A suit with a built-in system that could activate automatically, without manual operation, would help in situations of an out-of-control spin.

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Space Tango announced Scalable Manufacturing in Space

22 november 2018: Space Tango, a leader in the commercialization of space through R&D, bioengineering and manufacturing in microgravity, today announced ST-42, a fully autonomous robotic orbital platform designed specifically for scalable manufacturing in space. Launching in the mid 2020’s, ST-42 aims to harness the unique environment of microgravity to produce high value products across industries; from patient therapeutics to advanced technology products that have the potential to revolutionize industries here on Earth. ST-42 is an extension of the International Space Station’s (ISS) capabilities, and NASA’s creation of a robust commercial marketplace in low Earth orbit (LEO).

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Virgin Orbit’s “flying launchpad” completes first captive carry flight

On 19 November 2018 , a new sight appeared in the baby-blue skies over Southern California: A specially modified 747-400 carrying a 70-foot-long rocket under its wing soared through the air as part of a successful test flight for Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne. Sir Richard Branson’s small satellite launch company completed a flawless test flight, proving that its carbon-fiber two-stage rocket works perfectly as a pair with Cosmic Girl, the customized former passenger aircraft that serves as the company’s ‘flying launch pad.’ The successful test puts more air under the wings—and fins—of the company’s plans to reach orbit in early 2019.

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