The presentations of the mini-symposium on two extraordinary gravity
missions: GOCE and GRACE. Different aspects of both missions were presented by well-known
experts from the Technical University of Munich, ESA and TU Delft.

‘Earth Gravity from Space’ Prof. Dr. Reiner Rummel (TU Munich), GOCE Principal Investigator

‘Time-variable Gravity Measurements from the GRACE Mission and Applications’ Dr. Pavel Ditmar (TU Delft) Head, Physical and Space Geodesy Group

‘Future Concepts beyond GOCE and GRACE’ Prof. Ir. Roger Haagmans (ESA) Head, Earth Surfaces and Interior Section, EOP

‘Solid-Earth Applications of GOCE and GRACE Data’ Dr. Bert Vermeersen (TU Delft)

Member, GOCE Mission Advisory Group

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