maart, 2020

10marHele dagThe Red DestinationA Lunar Voyage to MarsMekelweg 5, 2618 CC Delft Organisator: NVR



VSV Symposium

A new space race is on the horizon. As the human exploration of space beyond Low-Earth Orbit is gaining more interest we’ve set our sights on ‘The Red Destination’. But who will be the competing parties in this new space race? How do we get there? What is different now, compared to the past half-century?

The space Symposium of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ will attempt to answer these questions under the guidance of our Chair of the Day: Dr Franco Ongaro. Throughout the day, people from all sorts of divisions, ranging from visionaries and realists to sceptics, will partake in workshops, speeches, and panels. Next to these activities, one can visit the all-day Innovation Floor where the industry shows its newest innovations in light of this endeavour. Speakers include John Connolly – NASA Lunar Surface System lead, Maria Antonietta Perino – Director for International Network Opportunities Development at Thales Alenia Space. Join the discussion and take part in the new space race!

Programme & speakers
TU Delft Aula Congrescentrum
All-Day| Innovation Floor
Lunch included

12:50 to 14:50| The Red Destination

  • 12:50 | Opening of the symposium, President VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’
  • 13:00 | Opening of the symposium, Franco Ongaro (ESA ESTEC)
  • 13:20 | Presentation ‘The Dream’ (tbc)
  • 13:50 | Presentation ‘Planning the Industry Response’, Maria Antonietta Perino (Thales Alenia Space)
  • 14:20 | Panel discussion ‘The Red Destination’

15:20 to 17:30 | A Lunar Voyage to Mars

  • 15:20 | Presentation ‘Lessons we Learned’ (tbc)
  • 15:50 | Presentation ‘Moon and Mars’, John Connolly (NASA)
  • 16:20 | Panel discussion ‘A Lunar Voyage to Mars’
  • 16:50 | Heinz Stoewer Award Ceremony
  • 17:00 | Conclusion of the symposium, Franco Ongaro (ESA ESTEC)
  • 17:20 | Conclusion of the symposium, Space Department Commissioner of Symposium

17:30 -18:30 Network drink


If you want to attend this event, please register before February 29th by sending an e-mail to Richelle Scheffers via
Please note that VSV offers 20 tickets to NVR members* for free.
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Hele dag (Dinsdag)


TU Delft Aula Congrescentrum

Mekelweg 5, 2618 CC Delft



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