januari, 2021

28jan16:1319:13NieuwjaarsborrelLet's get networking! Organisator: NVR


First of all, we wish you a prosperous and a healthy new year. To kick-off the new year and celebrate our 70th anniversary, the NVR in collaboration with SpaceNed is organising an Online Nieuwjaarsborrel with fun icebreaker games!

16:15-16:30      Introduction
16:30-18:00      Professional Networking on floor 1
16:30-18:00      Ice-breaker games on floor 2
18:00-19:00      Networking on floor 2
19:00                End of programThe following ice-breaker games will be present at the event:

  • Two Truths, One Lie: A participant will tell two truths and one lie. It is up to the other participants to find out which one is the lie. Can you trick your fellow players?
  • Black stories: In this game, you must solve a mysterious murder riddle as a group. You will try to reconstruct the crime by asking yes-no questions to the supervisor. This game requires a lot of out-of-the-box thinking!
  • Forbidden Word: Try to explain your function to your fellow players without saying the name of your job. Do you want a challenge? – explain it in mime.
  • Debate: Three statements will be given at the the event, discuss with your group what your perspective is on this subject.
  • (Un)fortunate:  Start with a fortunate space situation. The next player has to adjust this situation such that the event becomes unfortunate, after which the next player makes the event fortunate again. Try to play as many rounds as possible!
  • So do I!: Try to find as fast as possible 10 things all members on the table have in common.

Join us for a fun evening on the 28th!

Interested? 🚀
Register before the 25th by sending an email to secretariaat@ruimtevaart-nvr.nl

Please Note: If you have already registered for the SpaceNed Online Nieuwjaarsborrel, you do not need to register again.


(Donderdag) 16:13 - 19:13





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