november, 2020

25nov19:1522:30ISS 20 years of humans in spaceWEBINAR Mini-symposium Organisator: NVR


On November 2nd we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of permanent human presence in space. Starting with the expedition 1 crew launching from Baikonur there has not been a moment when there were no humans in space. Back then the ISS consisted of only 7 elements with 3 modules. Twenty years later the ISS consists of 45 launched elements and 14 pressurized habitable modules. Over it’s twenty years the ISS has seen eight different types of visiting vehicles

The ISS has offered and will continue to offer unique research and technology demonstration capabilities but just as important is the platform where the world has learned and trained to permanently work and live in space.

At the mini symposium we will have speakers from NASA and ESA. They will present on what we learned from 20 years of long duration missions, in human physiology, engineering and operating. We will also discuss the future of the ISS with a speaker from Axiom on the future plans for the ISS and commercial human spaceflight in Low Earth Orbit.

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19:15 Opening and welcome

19:30 Lecture 1
Maybritt Kuypers
Flight Surgeon ESA

20:00 Lecture 2
Antonio Fortunato
Management and Operations Support Officer at European Astronaut Centre – ESA

  • 5 min break

20:30 Lecture 3
Sam Scimemi
NASA HQ Director ISS

21:00 Q&A and Panel discussion

21:30 Networking online with Remo

22:30 End of event


If you want to join this webinar, please register before November 22th, by sending an e-mail to Richelle Scheffers via
On November 23rd, you will receive the webex login details to attend the webinar including further information about rules and guidelines.


(Woensdag) 19:15 - 22:30





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