februari, 2019

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Hyperion Technologies specialises in high performance, miniaturised components for small spacecraft. The expertise lies in high performance, high-reliability electronics and mechatronic systems. This expertise can be used in other application areas as well, which is why Hyperion can also be approached for consultancy in any related fields, as well as for custom designs of components which would suit your applications.

DAWN: Our team consists of engineers with a broad experience from a range of air and space OEMs, suppliers and consultants. From concept development to roduct certification, we conduct virtually all work in house to deliver ground-breaking, affordable solutions. Our team have a proven background in rocket propulsion, launch vehicle development, aircraft design, manufacture, certification and operations. Our vehicles will revolutionize the fields of hypersonic, high altitude and microgravity research.

Hiber® is an eclectic team of like-minded, big-hearted and seriously motivated guys and girls who want to change the world, for good. Pushing the boundaries is what drives us. We love tech. More importantly, we love what we know it can do to make everyone’s life better. And it is that human touch, that desire to improve everything, that sets us all apart and gives us a real buzz.


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