General Assembly

Every year around June 20, the NVR organizes the annual General Members Meeting. In a members meeting, the association is accountable to its members. They are also given the opportunity to submit topics.

At a General Members’ Meeting (GMM), at least the following topics are discussed:

  • Secretarial annual report last year
  • Financial annual report last year
  • Budget
  • Board composition
Interesting event

The NVR makes the General Members’ Meeting an interesting event by not only letting the board members present themselves but also letting the various committees have their say. In addition, we are looking for a location where our members cannot normally look behind the scenes.


General assembly 2020

General assembly 2020

  Date October 5, Location and time will follow 1. Determining the agenda 2. Approval of minutes of the GMM of June 24, 2019 3. Board announcements 4. Secretarial annual report 2019 a. Committee presentations 5. Annual financial report 2019 a. Report of the audit...

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