The board of the NVR installs committees for certain tasks. A committee consists of a team of enthusiastic members who work with one or more board members.

Members who would like to participate in a committee can report this to our secretariat :


Cash control committee

Each year, on the recommendation of the Board, the GMM appoints an audit committee, which consists of members who may not be members of the Board or other committees. The audit committee now consists of the following members:

Coen Martinus
drs. Tamme Wierenga
ir. Lex Meijer

Young Professionals Commissie

The aim of the NVR Young Professionals Committee is to connect, inspire and support young space professionals in the Netherlands. This committee can be reached via

Ir./MSc. Stijn Mast
Egor Tamarin
Drs./MSc. Peter Bastiaan den Boer
Ir./MSc. Stacha Petrovic
Aleksandr Stommels
Joanna Ruiter
Wendy Mensink

Editorial magazine Ruimtevaart

De redactie is bereikbaar op

Dr. ir. Peter J. Buist
Chief editor
Ir. Michel van Pelt
B. Vis


Drs. P.G. van Diepen
Lars Pepermans
Ir. E.A. Kuijpers
Ir. H.M. Sanders MBA
Ing. M.C.A.M. van der List
The editors are looking for new editors

sign up via


Sociale Media and WEB Committee

The social media committee can be reached at

For website business

Frits Overtoom
Susanne V. Pieterse LLM
Mel Marcik

Barbara ten Berge

Dimitra Stefoudi

dr Rob Bronckers
Deepika Jeyakodi LLM

Events committee

De evenementen commissie is bereikbaar op

Ir./MSc. Stacha Petrovic

Alexandra Sokolowski

IR./MSC. Nicoletta Silvestri

Srikara Datta

Sharon van Rijthoven

Ir Bushra Kiyani

Laura ten Bloemendal

Michiel Rodenhuis

Ton Marée

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