The society

The Netherlands Space Society (NVR) is the leading platform for space professionals from or working in Holland. As an organisation, we are the product of a long and rich history of 70 years. We have been an advocate and representative of the innovative space sector in the Netherlands from its inception to the strong high-tech sector it is today.

We boast a network of some almost 1200 members – and counting. These range from students to space enthusiasts to established professionals, all of whom benefit from the varied activities an NVR membership offers. We organise community-building functions such as film nights, symposia, lectures and much more. In order to offer the very best and most diverse selection of events, we do so both independently and in collaboration with our corporate members. The space sector is one that thrives on a connected base of passionate individuals, and the NVR represents that.

Apart from our newsletters and our increasing outreach initiatives on social media, the main means of communication of the NVR is our glossy magazine “Ruimtevaart”. Ruimtevaart has existed for almost as long as the NVR itself. It contains wide-ranging material and subject matter, written by the experienced editorial team and our enthusiastic volunteers. Although Ruimtevaart is a publication about and for the space sector, it is written for all with an appreciation for space – with or without technical knowledge.

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