The magazine “ruimtevaart”

“Ruimtevaart” is the publication of the Netherlands Space Society (NVR). It gives information on current space projects and recent developments in space technology and research.

Our magazine is the publication for all with an interest in space, space research, infrastructure and its applications. The articles are written in a clear and engaging style for everyone – with or without a technical background.

“Ruimtevaart” expounds on a great deal of diverse and varied subject matter. Of course the various well-known space programmes and projects are attended to, but in addition to these “Ruimtevaart” also draws its readers’ attention to topics such as space policy, progress on interplanetary research and the developments in manned spaceflight, earth observation, telecommunication, robotics and launching systems. The features also outline any contributions from the Netherlands. It also regularly plays host to themed editions, whereby a light is shined on one particular subject and examined from all angles.

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