Tuesday 20 December 2022 18.00 – 22.45 Artis Planetarium, Amsterdam

A special space evening is in preparation for all interested members of (manned) space, the SpaceEvent 2022.
This event is scheduled for Tuesday evening 20 December at the ARTIS Planetarium in Amsterdam. The theme of the evening is the evolution from traditional institutional crewed spaceflight to the era of commercial / institutional crewed spaceflight.

The evening will consist of presentations followed by a panel discussion. Subject to determination of the final programme, the following people will come to tell their stories:
  Eytan Stibbe: Israeli astronaut – on his flight with AX-1 (AXIOM) to the ISS in April 2022 Tej Bhatia: AXIOM management – on AXIOM’s future plans in the ISS and post ISS era Joost van Tooren: Arianegroup Project Manager – on the ambitious European staffed space project SUSIE Bernando Patti: ESA Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration – on ESA plans approved at the Ministerial Council André Kuipers will also participate in the panel discussion. Given that Eytan Stibbe also holds Dutch nationality, it is quite special that they are present together. His flight was named ‘Rakai’, meaning ‘Heaven’ in Hebrew. The logo of the mission made also reference to the first Israeli astronaut who tragically died during the deorbiting phase of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Eytan talks about this in a particularly impressive way during his presentation.

The evening will also feature the Planetarium’s latest film “Extra-terrestrial Worlds”. Buitenaardse Werelden – YouTube

Please visit the event website for more information!

NVR members can attend this special space evening for a reduced rate of €30 (normal rate €60). To profit from this reduced price, NVR members need to register by sending an e-mail before 25 November to secretariaat@ruimtevaart-nvr.nl.
A limited number of reduced ticket prices are available, which will be allocated on the basis of ‘first come/first served’.

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