The Radboud Radio Lab (RRL, is part of the department of Astrophysics of the Radboud University Nijmegen and its main mission is to develop ground-based and space-based astronomical instrumentation. The RRL consists of a team of about 20 top experts with knowledge in electrical engineering, (space) system engineering, software engineering often in combination with a background in astronomy. The team has expertise on topics like requirements definition, data processing and visualisation (VR), prototyping & instrument design, monitoring & control, and algorithm development for many astronomical applications such as (space-based) interferometry. Currently, the RRL team is involved in the EventHorizonTelescope (EHT) that released the first ever historical image of a Black Hole on April 10th, 2019, are responsible for the Africa Millimetre Telescope (AMT) which aims to extend the network of telescopes on the EHT with a telescope in Namibia, is supporting the commissioning of the BlackGEM array of optical telescopes in Chili and currently the RRL team is hosting the only low-frequency radio observatory in space, the Netherlands-China Low frequency Explorer (NCLE) on the Chinese Chang’e 4 lunar mission.  
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