april, 2021

12apr20:00Yuri’s Mystery Movie Nightwith optional snacks and drinks Organisator: NVR


How: Online through a link provided by Eye Filmmuseum with an NVR Remo introduction
For whom: Exclusively for NVR members only
How much: The movie ticket is free and €12.70 for the optional snacks and drinks box

We would like to invite you for a movie night with fellow NVR members to celebrate Yuri’s night together but apart. Because it is a mystery movie night, the movie itself will not be revealed until you click the link provided on the day itself. The only guarantee you have is that it is a movie that is currently not readily available in the Netherlands and that the theme is Space.

Besides getting to watch a movie together and discuss afterwards on the NVR Remo platform, there is also the possibility to get snacks and drinks delivered to your house.
There are only 25 snacks and drinks box vouchers available, so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible.

How do you sign up?

You subscribe to the movie by sending an email to secretariaat@ruimtevaart-nvr.nl.
The movie night is free and for NVR members only. If you would only like to watch the movie, please subscribe before the 10th of April.

How do you sign up for the snacks and drinks box?

If you would like to reserve a snacks and drinks box you will have to mention this in the same email to secretariaat@ruimtevaart-nvr.nl and you will also have to provide the email address on which you would like to receive the voucher.
However, the deadline for the snacks and drinks box is the 2nd of April.
The voucher will cost you €12.70 (this includes a discount and shipping both provided by NVR).
The amount is due before the 5th of April after payment instructions which will be send by the secreatariat.
With this voucher you will be able to order any “korte borrel” box on the website of boxtoborrel.nl (check out their website for more information on the boxes).

How to receive your box?

You will receive an email from boxtoborrel.nl on the 6th of April with a link to their website where you can then choose any of the “korte borrel” boxes. Pick one and order it before the 7th of April.

Please note that by reserving a box and providing your email address you give permission to the NVR to share your email address with boxtoborrel.nl.

NVR is not responsible for any snacks or drinks boxes that do not arrive in time for the movie night.


(Maandag) 20:00





Chat hier met secretariaat van de NVR