oktober, 2020

17okt06:3906:39ISS 20 years manned Organisator: NRM


In November 2000, the then-limited configuration of the International Space Station was first manned by two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut. From then until now, ISS has been continuously manned by astronauts from America, Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada. In addition, a number of so-called tourists have been on board for a limited time. In this lecture the various people who have lived on the ISS for shorter or longer periods will be discussed. What did they do there? What are the main tasks? What does an astronaut day look like? What were the main results? Of course, extra attention is given to the Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, who visited the ISS twice, both in 2004 and in 2011-2012, and who spent 204 days in space in total. The future of ISS will also be discussed, especially when it comes to the plans of both NASA and Roskosmos. Also important to know what ESA is going to do and the other partners JAXA and CSA


Presentator Peter Batenburg

After his studies at Airbus D&S in Bremen, Peter worked as a member of the Columbus Engineering Support Team (COLEST), among other things at André Kuipers’ PromISSe mission. Since 2014 he works in the Netherlands, like Airbus D&S, as a consultant at ADSE, and at APP. At the beginning of 2020, Peter started his own consultancy company called HQ Space. Peter has been active at the NVR since 2011 as a board member and chairman of the events committee. At the moment he is also a board member of the Stichting Ruimtevaart Museum. For more information about the public lectures of the National Space Museum, see the website: (www.n Nationaalruimtevaartmuseum.nl).


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(Zaterdag) 06:39 - 06:39




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