maart, 2021

03mar20:0021:30Coolingsystems in the space industry; Revival Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02)door: Johannes van Es Organisator: NRM


On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, a webinar will be organized by the National Space Museum (NRM) together with the Dutch Space Society (NVR).

Access to Webinar: 7:45 PM
Start of lecture: 8 pm
End: 9.30pm

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, also known as AMS-02, is an astrophysics experiment mounted on the International Space Station. The launch took place on May 16, 2011. NLR was responsible for part of the heat management. Recently, that cooling system was adapted by means of four space walks.

Johannes van Es will briefly present NLR’s work in his lecture, explain the repairs and also indicate the scientific results so far.

Johannes van Es works at the National Aerospace Center on Thermal systems. This includes thermal control systems as well as 2-phase systems and satellite cooling systems. He was directly involved in the design and realization of parts of the cooling system for the AMS.

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