juni, 2022

04jun10:3012:30ANS – Dutch first space adventureA documentary and presentation by Zeholy Pronk and Ronald KlompePelikaanweg 50, 8218 PG Lelystad Organisator: NRM


ANS, the Astronomical Dutch Satellite was launched in 1974. ANS was way ahead of its time: it is the
world’s first digital satellite. Even NASA was stunned by the ingenious technology. Yet it is
story of ANS has fallen into oblivion. With this film and the new showcase in the NRM exhibition, ANS
regained its well-deserved place in the canon of Dutch science.
In the 1960s, the Netherlands hardly received any orders in the European space industry. To gain experience
In order to be able to do in this new branch of industry, Fokker and Philips decide to build their own satellite.
The Dutch government supports the project. In 1974 ANS is launched (for free!) by NASA to explore the universe
to be studied with telescopes from the universities of Utrecht and Groningen. She does spectacular
astronomical discoveries.

‘ANS-Nederlands eerste ruimteavontuur’ – the movie

Who are the builders of this satellite? What makes ANS so special? What has ANS discovered in space? The
documentary tells the forgotten story of ANS using unique original film material and interviews
with the elderly makers of the satellite. This documentary was premiered on March 25 in
in the presence of many people who had contributed to the construction and operations of the satellite.
In addition to the documentary, a new showcase with many ANS objects has been added to the space exhibition
in Aviodrome. Afterwards it is possible to visit this display case.

Zeholy Pronk and Ronald Klompe are both affiliated with the National Space Museum and were also involved in the construction of the new
showcase for the ANS. Zeholy will discuss the organization of this project together with Beeldlijn Groningen and documentary makers at De Loods Media in Groningen. Ronald will talk about the composition of the ANS objects in the new showcase.

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NRM Airport Lelystad. Pelikaanweg 50 8218 PG Lelystad

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