februari, 2022

02feb20:002021; a special year for manned spaceflightPresenter: Peter Batenburg (HQspace) Organisator: NVR-NRM


On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, a lecture will be organized by the National Space Museum (NRM) together with the Dutch Space Association (NVR).

2021 has been a special year for human spaceflight. We have seen a record number of flights to space (>100 km altitude) and a lot has happened to existing, new and future space stations.
A brief overview of the events of the past year:
1.         New parts for the ISS;
2.         China begins construction of their space station;
3.         Space tourism has begun;
4.         Actress in space;
5.         Tourist to ISS;
6.         Commercial space station plans are entering a new phase.

In this lecture we will look back on these events of the past year. We will discuss in what context these events can be placed and what they mean for the coming years.


After his studies at Airbus D&S in Bremen, Peter worked as a member of the Columbus Engineering Support Team (COLEST), including the PromISSe mission of André Kuipers. From 2014 he worked in the Netherlands, at Airbus D&S, as a consultant at ADSE, and at APP. Peter has now set up his own company, HQspace. Peter has been active at the NVR since 2011, now as a board member/secretary. He is currently also a board member of the Ruimtevaart Museum Foundation.

A few days before the presentation, the audience who registered will receive the login details for access to the Webinar.
For more information about the public lectures of the National Space Museum, see the website: www.nationaalruimtevaartmuseum.nl.

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(Woensdag) 20:00





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